[To the Chief Crown Prosecutor
CPS Area Office]

201 Middle Avenue

[Today's Date]

Your Reference  xxxxxx

Dear Sir

Re:- Request for Information.

On the [date] of [month, year] I was reported by a police officer for an offence of exceeding the speed limit.  I understand that [Radar? Lidar? Vascar? Pacing?] equipment was used [in conjunction with a video camera] to obtain evidence against me.

I am writing to let you know that I am now in receipt of your Summons and will be contesting this allegation in Court.  I do not believe that I was exceeding the speed limit and that the equipment must have been... a) Faulty... or b) used incorrectly.

In accordance with the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996, I am therefore writing to request a copy of all evidence that you intend to rely on in Court, including any photographs or video recordings.  Additionally, in support of my defence I shall also require a copy of...

  • The Calibration Certificate and maintenance records for the equipment used.
  • Copies of the Officers pocketbooks showing that they checked the calibration of the equipment at the start and finish of the day in question.
  • Details of the officer's training... including any 'certificates of competence'.
  • a copy of the Instruction Manual for the Radar (or Lidar) equipment.
  • A copy of the Force's operating procedures.

In accordance with the Act cited above, I will require this evidence not less than seven days prior to any hearing date.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Your faithfully

A. Smith.

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