[To the Chief Crown Prosecutor
CPS Area Office]

201 Middle Avenue

[Today's Date]

Your Reference. xxxxxx

Dear Sir

Re:- Request for Information.

I am in receipt of your Summons [FPN: Fixed Penalty Notice... or NIP: Notice of Intended Prosecution] regarding an alleged Speeding Offence committed on [date] by a vehicle [model... displaying the registration number XXXXXX.]

Although this is the number plate of my vehicle, I have absolutely no recollection of being in that vicinity on that day.  In addition, this vehicle is also regularly driven be a number of close friends, family members, and/or work colleagues: [provide a list if possible] none of which remember being in the area at the time.  We have also checked credit card records to see if anyone bought anything in that area on the day in question.  Unfortunately we have been unable to identify the driver.

I am very anxious to determine the true facts in this case and offer you my full cooperation in establishing whether...

  • This was genuinely my vehicle... [and not a stolen vehicle displaying false number plates.] 
  • If it was my vehicle... the identity of the driver.

In accordance with the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996, I am therefore writing to request that copies of both photographs taken by your camera recording the alleged offence should be sent to me so that we can positively establish... the identity of the vehicle... and the identity of the driver.  In the meantime... the Form is being returned unsigned as...

  • None of the available options applies in this case.
  • I am therefore, not Legally obliged to sign the document.

If we are unable to establish a positive identification of both the vehicle and the driver, I assume that the Summons [FPN: or NIP] will be withdrawn due to a lack of evidence.  Additionally... in support of any subsequent defence, I shall also require...

  • a copy of the Calibration Certificate and maintenance records for the equipment. 
  • a copy of any other evidence that you intend to rely on in Court.

In accordance with the Act cited above, I will require this evidence not less than seven days prior to any hearing date.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Your faithfully,

A. Smith.

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