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Date: [Enter date]

The Clerk to the Justices.

Name: [of Clerk to Justices]
Address: [of Clerk to Justices]
Postcode: [of Clerk to Justices]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Defendant's Name: [Enter your name]
Magistratesí Court: [Enter name of court] 
First Hearing: [Enter date of first hearing]

Please note that I am being prosecuted for the following offences:

[Enter details of offences]

Would you please enter a plea of not guilty on my behalf and adjourn the matter to a trial date.  In arranging a trial date would you please avoid the following dates:

[Enter dates that you wish to avoid]

Would you please notify me of the adjourned date for trial.

Yours faithfully

[Enter your name]

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