Your Address.

The Clerk to the Justices,
Name of Magistrates Court,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your Name.
Case Type, and Number.
Court Name.
Hearing date.

In reference to the above matter...

My case is listed for [Court Name] on the [Enter date of Hearing.]

I would request that the Hearing on that date is adjourned because... [outline your reason]

  • I am unwell/injured and unable to attend Court.  I enclose a letter from my Doctor confirming this.
  • I have a Hospital appointment on that date which cannot be rearranged.  I enclose confirmation of the appointment.
  • There has been a family emergency which prevents me from attending.  [Include details.]
  • My Witness. [Insert name of witness,] is unable to attend on that date and I am unable to properly defend myself without their attendance.  As such it is in the interests of justice that the case be adjourned.
  • I have already booked a... [Holiday, Flight, Business Trip,] which cannot be cancelled without financial penalties.
  • I have previous work commitments which are very difficult to re-arrange.

When re-listing the case I would ask that you kindly avoid the following inconvenient dates,

[Insert date to avoid.]

Please notify me with the adjournment date.  I the Court requires any further details please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully, 

Print your Name.

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