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The Clerk to the Justices,
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Dear Sir/Madam,

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I have received notification that I was convicted in my absence on the above date.  [1. I was unaware of the hearing: (enter reason) having never received any paperwork: (due to a change of address??)  2. I wrote to the Court to enter a plea of not guilty, but it would appear that the letter was lost in transit.  3. having been overseas for several months.]

I understand that the Court has the power to re-open the case under Section 142(1) of the Magistrates' Court Act 1980 and respectfully request that this power is exercised in this case, as I was only found guilty in my absence on the [enter date of Hearing] due to some kind of error in the administrative process.

I would ask that you enter a plea of not guilty on my behalf and adjourn the matter for a pre-trial review or a trial.  Please confirm that this letter has been received and that it is being dealt with, and notify me of any new Hearing date.

I am grateful to the Court for its assistance in this matter,

Yours Faithfully, 

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