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The Concept.
Review Panels.


The purpose of a locally based 'Review Panel' [and 'Senior' Review Panel] would be quite different to that of a Court.  A Court is generally dealing with just one incident... is interested in establishing guilt or innocence... and handing out a suitable 'Punishment'... which could involve anything from a small Fine to years in Prison... depending on the nature of the offence.  
The main purposes of a Review Panel would be to generally, raise driving standards... and to ensure that those identified as 'Bad' drivers were turned into 'Good' drivers.  In some cases achieving this might be a bit of a challenge requiring some effort and a flexible approach... 'Good' drivers are not created overnight and not everyone would respond in the same way.  But, while it might be necessary to 'get tough' with some drivers it should always be remembered that the object of the exercise would not be to punish drivers... but to help them.
Ultimately... a Review Panel would be there as another means of enforcing the law... while some drivers might turn up in Court... pay their Fine... then walk out the door and carry on exactly as they did before... this simply would not be an option once under the watchful eye of a Review Panel.  It would be a case of making changes and improving, or losing their licence... the only two choices on offer!

Road Supervisors' Review Panels.

  • Review Panel... volunteers: a three person Panel: one Police Officer: two Road Supervisors: who would 'Review' Files prior to any appointments.
  • A 'Senior' Review Panel... should also consist of three members... but be more 'qualified' to deal with 'major' decisions and 'Appeals'.  This 'Senior Panel' would more likely consist of those with a legal background... members of the law enforcement community... or Senior Road Supervisors. 
  • Probationary drivers... reaching 25 points, and Full licence holders, reaching 50 points, would have their Files 'Activated'.  Each File would be 'Reviewed' and the Panel would decide if the driver should be called in to discuss their situation.  In any case... a letter could be sent to let the driver know that their File was in the process of being 'Reviewed'.
  • Probationary drivers... reaching 35 points, and Full licence holders, reaching 75 points would definitely have to appear before a Review Panel to account for the points they had accumulated, and outline what steps they were taking to ensure that their points total would not continue to increase.
  • Review Panels would... have the power to demote Probationary drivers [reaching 35 points, or over] to a Learners licence, if the 'wrong' attitude was shown: [subject to confirmation by a 'Senior' Review Panel.]
  • Review Panels would... have the power to demote a Full licence holder [reaching 75 points, or over] to a Probationary licence, if the 'wrong' attitude was shown: [subject to confirmation by a Senior Panel.]
  • Every time a driver's points... increased by another 5 points they would be recalled back to the Panel, to 'Review' the situation... establish why things were continuing to go 'wrong', and decide on a new 'plan of action'. 
  • The Files of these drivers... would be carefully monitored at this time and a Review Panel could decide to recall a driver at any time, if they received a Report that they considered was 'serious'.
  • Any driver could ask... for an appointment to discuss a number of Reports [5+] which they felt was a 'mistake', or they had a valid explanation for.
  • Review Panels would... have the power to reduce points [up to 10] if they thought there was clearly an error: or if the driver had a valid excuse.
  • 'Major' decisions would... be put to a 'Senior Panel' for them to confirm any recommendations.  They may alter any decision made by a Panel.
  • 'Major' decisions means... where a driver is being 'demoted' before reaching the 50 or 100 points total: [at which point, demotion to a lower class of licence would be automatic.]  Reducing a driver's points total, whereby they avoided demotion to a lower class of licence: or reducing the number of points by more than 10.
  • Review Panels could... have a whole range of options available to them, including... restrictions: retraining: courses: demotions: suspensions: and cancellations.
  • A driver would not... have to agree with the course of action being recommended by the Review Panel: the driver could 'appeal' to the Senior Panel: but their decision would be binding. 
  • Volunteers would not... have to deal with 'difficult' drivers.  Those with criminal records: or those who were aggressive: intimidating: or just plain unresponsive.  These could be dealt with by the Police officer sitting on the Panel.
  • A central Committee... should analyse data to detect any anomalies which might arise within the system which needed to be dealt with in a different way.
  • 'Review Panels'... and 'Senior Review Panels' could all sit at the same time in the same location so that all recommendations and appeals could be dealt with immediately.  There may be a number of 'Review Panels', all sitting at the same time: but just one 'Senior' Review Panel.

Road Supervisors'  Branch Meetings.

Road Supervisors is intended to be... a grassroots organisation: so it is essential that it has good local support and participation.  It does not mean that every Road Supervisor would have to attend meetings, but if everything was to run smoothly, then things would need to be organised at some level by someone.  Whether they were called 'Branches': 'Chapters': or whatever? the functions would be...
* Develop a positive working relationship with local Police.
* Identify and discuss problems in the area.
* Co-ordinate any initiatives between Road Supervisors and the Police.
* Recruit drivers to become Road Supervisors.
* Recruit Road Supervisors to sit on Review Panels.
* Recruit Road Supervisors to train as Senior Road Supervisors.
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