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The Concept.
I Cars crossing a solid white line.
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Dangerous Driving.
Inconsiderate Driving.
Discourteous Driving.
When any rule is broken... it could be inconsequential... or it could be disastrous... depending on the context in which the offence was committed.  Primarily... good driving is an exercise in social interaction rather than slavish obedience to every rule.  When you try to pass Laws banning everything... like using mobile phones, eating, drinking, exceeding speed limits, etc. etc. the end result is not a lower rate of accidents... because stupid people will continue to do stupid thinks... but the issuing of thousands of fines to perfectly sensible drivers who are doing perfectly reasonable things.
Road Supervisors... would be judging a driver on their ability to 'Interact' with their fellow road users in a way that was... 'Safe, Considerate and Courteous'... rather than strict adherence to any particular rule.
Road rules vary from place to place... so not every 'Offence' mentioned below will be relevant to every country.  Nor is this meant to be a fully comprehensive list of every possible offence... again, it is an example, to show the range of 'Offences' that could be dealt with... i.e. everything!  [One example referring to a 'General Directive' does not even exist... an explanation concerning this can be found at the bottom of the page.]
All the 'Offences' listed below... appear again, and in the same order, under the Section marked, 'Details'... but with comments and/or explanations appearing under each one.
Dangerous Driving.
* Reckless endangerment.
* Driving without due care and attention.
* Travelling in the wake of an Emergency vehicle
* Failing to give way to an Emergency vehicle.
* Excessive speed.
* Exceeding the speed limit.
* Tailgating.
* Racing on a public highway.
* Reactionary lane changing.
* Multiple lane changing.
* Changing lanes without signalling.
* Weaving through traffic.
* Erratic driving.
* Failing to give way.
* Failing to merge correctly.
* Deliberate gap closing.
* Cutting in front of another vehicle.
* Jumping a red traffic light.
* Making an illegal right hand turn.
* Making an illegal left hand turn.
* Making an illegal U-turn.
* Cutting across a junction.
* Going through a No-entry sign.
* Travelling the wrong way up a one-way street.
* Wandering out of the lane.
* Driving to slowly compared to other traffic.
* Overtaking in a dangerous manner.
* Overtaking unnecessarily.
* Overtaking in contravention of a 'General Directive'.
* Overtaking on the 'Hard shoulder'.
* Overtaking on a solid white line.
* Overtaking on a bend.
* Overtaking on the brow of a hill.
* Overtaking on the inside.
* Overtaking a truck on the inside as it attempts to turn.
* Overtaking a vehicle stopped at a pedestrian crossing.
* Passing to close to a cyclist.
* Failing to give way to pedestrians.
* Driver or passengers not wearing seatbelts.
* Unrestrained children in vehicle.
* Unrestrained animal in or on a vehicle.
* More than one passenger on a motorbike.
* Motorcyclists not wearing crash helmet.
* Using a hand held mobile phone while driving.
* Driving with an unsafe load.
* Driving without headlights in poor visibility.
* Dazzling oncoming vehicles with headlights.
* Not having properly cleared windows.
* Not obeying the hand signals of an official.
* Stopping beyond a stop line.
* Driving along a footpath.
* Other.
Inconsiderate Driving.
Causing... inconvenience or danger to other road users because of Illegally 'Parking: Standing: Waiting: or Stopping'.
* In a Bus lane.
* In a Cycle lane.
* In a Clearway.
* To close to a corner.
* At a Taxi stand.
* In a Bus stop.
* Across a driveway or entrance.
* Contrary to any sign detailing restrictions.
* Causing a hold up due to poor parking procedure.
* Banging against other vehicles.
* At a school entrance.
* At a pedestrian crossing.
* In a disabled drivers parking space.
* In a space reserved for a special use.
* Double parking.
* To close to another vehicle.

Driving without reasonable consideration for others.
* Blocking an intersection.
* Failing to proceed at a green light.
* Illegal use of a Bus lane.
* Illegal use of a Transit lane.
* Holding up traffic by using the wrong lane.
* Driving to the front of a queue before changing lanes.
* Using a forecourt to by-pass traffic lights.
* Discarding rubbish from a vehicle.
* Creating excessive noise.
* Excessively loud music.
* Using horn late at night.
* Unnecessary use of a horn.
* Excessive revving. 
* Deliberately skidding.
* Deliberate wheel screeching.
* Other.
Discourteous Driving.
* Threatening behaviour.
* Aggressive behaviour.
* Verbally abusing others.
* Verbal harassment.
* Making obscene hand gestures.
* Other.
General Directives.  [Details]
Instructions which could be issued concerning how drivers should behave towards each other... and under certain road conditions.  An example of this... might be the instruction that drivers must always drive in a 'Safe Considerate and Courteous' manner... these are 'General' directions, rather than 'Specific' ones.  In many cases these instructions already exist... but a much greater emphasise could be placed on them.

Accident Reports.

Where some damage is caused other than minor scratches.  With a 'hit and run', as much detail as possible... would remain on File without the offenders knowledge... but Police would be aware of the accident... may notify the victim... make Information available to Insurance companies... or take some other form of action.  Road Supervisors should be willing to act as witnesses if they had seen an accident... and to stop and render assistance whenever necessary.

Incident Reports.

Something definite to report [not necessarily directly to do with a driving offence, but] in which a vehicle had been used in some way... or could be used as a point of reference.  An 'Incident' could involve reporting something which was very complicated and required a lengthy explanation... illegal activity of any kind... assault of a person... deliberate damage to property... or anything of an offensive sexual nature, [like indecent exposure.]  Police could decide what action they wished to take on a case by case basis, but could be... simply passed on as a Report... used as part of a criminal investigation... make a visit to the driver concerned [to discuss the matter]... or keep 'on File' for future reference. 

Suspicious Vehicles.

If there is nothing definite to report but certain activity appears to be very unusual or suspicious... then it could still be reported.  Just fill out a report 'on-line' and then forget about it!  This would be for the benefit of Police... a database of intelligence they may be able to tap into at some later date. 
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