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Welcome to the RoadSupervisors' Project.
Road Safety and the Internet... a 21st Century Solution???

  • The Introduction: the present levels of road accidents, injuries and deaths are not inevitable.  But, a significant reduction is only possible if there are some fundamental changes to the existing system.  The same old approach... guarantees the same old results.  New technologies open up a whole range of possibilities...I
  • The Problems: road accidents happen for a lot of different reasons... but, over 90% are simply due to 'driver error'.  Sometimes, the 'error' is just a one-off mistake... but in many cases the 'error' is the inevitable result of a pattern of high-risk behaviour which has been allowed to develop over a period of time... which means, it was preventable!
  • The Philosophy: driver behaviour may be our biggest problem... but drivers are also our greatest asset... they have an infinite amount of knowledge and experience.  Where possible... technology should be used to empower drivers... rather than simply providing a more efficient means for the State to monitor, control and punish them.
  • The Concept: is a pro-active system... utilizing the power of the Internet... using experienced drivers... to identify patterns of high-risk behaviour... then using a range of strategies to rectify that behaviour, based on... motivation, deterrents, targeted education, social pressure, enforcement and finally, when all else fails, punishment.
  • The Project: aims to further refine this innovative Concept... develop into a social networking website... and promote as part of an online, interactive Project... which we would like our visitors to participate in.  Have a read... form an opinion... discuss the issues... leave a comment... give us your ideas... and help us develop...
a 21st Century Solution... to a 20th Century Problem!
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